How to start

This article will explain how to set up and launch your business WordPress website in just a few steps.

How to build your website

Once you are ready to go online with your business you will need to secure your domain name (e.g. and webhosting.
It’s recommended to research web hosting companies in your home country and eventually purchase your domain name and hosting from the same company. Here is a list of webhosts, e.g. in Kenya and Nigeria.

If you want to obtain webspace to start your business online and don’t know how to do it, contact me (info[at] and I will gladly assist you.

Once you have your domain name and web hosting you can now install the CMS WordPress.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a free, versatile, easy to use and flexible content management system (CMS). Many top known companies use WordPress: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, CNN and many more. Once you install it, you can use and modify it to suit your needs. In order to run WordPress, all it requires is a domain and web hosting.

Choose your Chimene Gaspar Feminine WordPress

Now that you are ready to launch your website, choose a theme in our WordPress Themes List that suits your business needs.
Here are the benefits of purchasing a Chimene Gaspar business theme:

  1. I’ll help you set up WordPress and install your theme in 24 Hours
  2. CG Feminine WordPress themes come with extended features and additional custom designs
  3. You will get technical support to set up your CG Feminine WordPress

Install and setup your Chimene Gaspar Business Theme

Follow this tutorial on how to install your theme.
Now that you have set up your theme It’s time to add your own logo, colors, images and content.
If you wish to implement a web shop, please follow this tutorial.

Final Step – The Launch

Your Website is ready to go online! Launch and promote your business website in your social media groups, among your friends and people within your field of expertise. Spread the word!

I wish you good luck with your business and lots of success!

Chimene Gaspar