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Let me introduce myself…

My name is Chimene, I’m a graphic and web designer. Mother of two beautiful babies and home office enthusiast. I assist entrepreneurs and bloggers on their journey to build a beautiful blog or website.

CHIMENE graphics – From hobby to passion

In 2015, I turned my web design hobby into a business and started Chimene graphics. When I’m not creating gorgeous and functional websites, or custom-made logos, I sell lovely t-shirts on my web shop.

Minimal and Functional Web Design

I love the combination of light, modern and functional designs which I incorporate in my projects.

My WordPress themes are minimalist themes and have a sleek and modern design. The clean and professional look helps your visitors to focus on the message of your website.

Launch your website in just a few days!

Tell me about your hobby or passion that you want to share with the world. Based on your vision, I will create a blog or website that meets your needs. You can launch your website in just a few days!