Luanda Magazine – A Magazine and Newspaper Theme

Luanda Magazine is a responsive theme and has an inbuilt content widgets to showcase your latest articles or posts from a selected category.

Luanda Magazine WordPress Theme

Luanda Magazine is a light and multi-functional WordPress theme. The theme is a product of Chimene Graphics and offers a variety of useful features. These features help you build a magazine, newspaper website or blog.

Theme Features

Firstly, Luanda Magazine is a responsive theme which looks great on any screen size. Secondly, it has inbuilt content widgets and sliders to showcase your latest articles or posts from a selected category.

Luanda Magazine also allows you to categorize the many news items, topics or categories in a manner that is easily accessible and visible to your readers.

Thirdly, it comes with eight inbuilt content widgets to display your content in different styles. You can also change the layout of your pages with the inbuilt layout options which consists of 2 Columns Grid, 3 Columns Grid, Default List and Fullwidth Layout.

Luanda Magazine - Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Theme

Furthermore, Luanda Magazine supports aside, image, gallery, audio, video and quote Post Formats. In addition, you can change your theme’s color, show or hide features and more. And finally, this theme comes with three additional footer widgets to display content.

To learn more on how to set up the theme, see theme installation.


There’s a whole range of benefits for choosing this theme. With a variety of useful features, your magazine, newspaper website or blog gives off a vibrancy vibe. Explore the demo here.

Subsequently, with the header advertising area, you are able to give priority to adverts of interest. And most importantly, there is a guaranteed value for your money with the provision of the year’s free support. Try it today!

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